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Aluminum forgings are commonly used to produce bicycle components such as frames, handlebars, cranksets, and seat posts. Forging aluminum alloys into these components provides high strength and lightweight properties, important attributes for bicycle components. 

The forging process also enhances the mechanical properties of aluminum, making parts stronger and more durable than other manufacturing methods such as casting or machining. By using aluminum forgings in bicycle production, the weight of the bicycle can be reduced, which can improve performance and ride quality.

Aluminum forging is a common method used in the production of bicycle parts. Aluminum has properties that make it ideal for bicycle parts, such as a high strength-to-weight ratio, corrosion resistance, and good fatigue resistance. 

By forging aluminum, manufacturers can improve the mechanical properties of the material and create strong, lightweight, and durable bicycle parts. Examples of forged aluminum bicycle parts include handlebars, cranksets, and seat posts. The use of aluminum forgings in the production of bicycle components can result in lighter, more performance-oriented bicycles.

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INNOVAW GROUP FORGING DIVISION has more than 15 years of forging experience, and the factory has passed TS16949 and ISO14001 quality management system certification. Possess technical research and development level, product development, mold design ability, forging production line, professional heat treatment, machining ability of CNC processing equipment, automatic oxidation production line and several manual lines to meet different surface process requirements, with a complete set of aluminum alloy Deep processing equipment and a series of supporting professional testing equipment, most of the products are exported to Canada, the United States, Western Europe, Germany, France, Italy, Norway, Finland, Switzerland and other countries and regions. Competitive price and prompt delivery. If you need some forged parts or machined parts OEM or aftermarket.
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