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Parts Forged for the Railroad Industry

Listed below are just some of the parts we are capable of forging. If you have a custom part you need, request a quote here and we will reach out to you!

Bolt Locks – Secures deck planks on flatcars and boxcars to prevent them from vibrating loose.

Brackets – Provides mounting and support for various applications.

Connecting Rods – Connects a switch circuit controller to the point of the switch for position monitoring.

Flanges – A flat rim, collar, or rib projecting from an object, serving to strengthen or attach to another component or to maintain position on a rail.

Levers – A bar attached to a piece of machinery that pivots to transmit force.

Pipe Anchors – Used to secure pipes to train cars so they do not move.

Rail Clips – Used to fasten the rails to the underlying base plate together with the concrete sleeper.

Shafts – An elongated, narrow part or section forming the handle of a tool or other implement.

Spindles – Part of the suspension system that holds the hub for the wheel and attaches to both the upper and lower control arms.

INNOVAW GROUP FORGING DIVISION has more than 15 years of forging experience, and the factory has passed TS16949 and ISO14001 quality management system certification. Possess technical research and development level, product development, mold design ability, forging production line, professional heat treatment, machining ability of CNC processing equipment, automatic oxidation production line and several manual lines to meet different surface process requirements, with a complete set of aluminum alloy Deep processing equipment and a series of supporting professional testing equipment, most of the products are exported to Canada, the United States, Western Europe, Germany, France, Italy, Norway, Finland, Switzerland and other countries and regions. Competitive price and prompt delivery. If you need some forged parts or machined parts OEM or aftermarket.
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