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Almost all steel parts on motorcycles can be replaced by aluminum alloy materials. In recent years, with the improvement of international environmental protection requirements, motorcycles are developing in the direction of "green motorcycles" with light weight, high speed, safety, comfort and environmental protection. It will undoubtedly promote the application of aluminum alloy materials in motorcycles. Wrought aluminum alloys are particularly important in their material applications.

The essence of wrought aluminum alloy is the plastic forming of metal. It is the process in which the blank forms a certain shape under the impact or pressure of the tool. The purpose of forging processing is not only to obtain accurate part profiles, but also to improve the organizational structure and mechanical properties compared with other processing methods. Clearly, there is a need to develop and expand the application of forged aluminum alloy motorcycle parts, such as motorcycle brake calipers.

Soft aluminum alloys and medium-strength aluminum alloys have good plasticity and can be forged under various strain conditions. High-strength aluminum alloys have poor plasticity and should be forged under the most favorable strain conditions. Generally, aluminum alloy ingots need to be extruded and deformed in advance, and the deformation is generally more than 50% to 60%. When designing motorcycle parts that use forged aluminum alloys, it is necessary to select the appropriate forged aluminum alloy.

The selection principles are: ensure that the material has the best forgeability within the forging temperature range, and have the widest temperature range to reduce the number of heating times; do not need to cause damage to the material by heating; ensure that the best internal structure and the highest mechanical properties. 

In addition, an appropriate degree of deformation should also be selected. The allowable deformation of aluminum alloy decreases with the increase of alloying degree and deformation speed. Deformation speed refers to the amount of change in deformation per unit time. The deformation speed is not only related to the working speed of the equipment, but also depends on the size of the blank itself and the type of process being performed. The deformation rate not only affects the plasticity of the alloy, but also affects the deformation structure. A more scientific approach is to use forged aluminum alloy on the press to increase the allowable degree of deformation and productivity during processing, reduce deformation resistance, and improve the internal structure of the metal.

Using forged aluminum alloy instead of steel to produce motorcycle parts can not only reduce the cost of materials, but also reduce the weight and energy consumption of motorcycles and improve transportation capacity. There is no doubt that the wide application of forged aluminum parts on motorcycles will promote the survival and development of the aluminum metal industry.

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